Million Dollar Catch

Million Dollar Catch


Introducing Million Dollar Catch - TV3's epic hit ob-doc series of 2009.

It's a gripping high seas adventure, as four crews race to fill their quota of prized crayfish in some of the roughest seas in the world.

It's all about huge seas, huge risks and very tough men. They combine to make Million Dollar Catch one of the most compelling series to come out of New Zealand in years and it's all set in Lord of the Rings country; the extraordinary Fiordland National Park.

The series is packed with incident: on board accidents; men almost washed away; boats breaking down - they even swim with white pointer sharks just to get a feed.

Along the way we score the teams as they try to outdo each other on the scoreboard - as the clock on the season ticks.

Each crew has humour and camaraderie, but when the fishing gets tough - real characters are revealed. Meet the godfather of crayfishing Vaughn Fisher and his uber cool sons, Slade and Jayce. These guys are the guns, who take on the biggest seas to secure the biggest catch. And they make millions in just a short timeframe.

They're up against the old pro John Hawkless and his crew of classic comedians ... who use all the tricks in the book to get ahead. They'll beach their boat - sneak in choppers - just to get ahead.

And alongside them, the underdog, and the good guy, rookie Rewi Bull. A man who is mortgaged to the hilt - and has to catch fish to survive. He battles throughout the series - but does Rewi rise to the top to win in the end? Stay tuned!

An amazing observational documentary series.


Martin Cleave

Philip Smith

Rachel Gardner